Termites come in swarms, and their presence is a major warning sign.

They are wood-feasting pests that can deconstruct homes and reduce buildings to sawdust. Subterranean termites are the breed responsible for most damage caused in Oklahoma. They prefer moist environments and tend to swarm in spring. However, they might also cause damage during the winter in particularly warm buildings.

If left untreated, a termite infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property. Americans spend an estimated $5 billion in termite related treatments and repairs a year. But the good news is that early and effective treatment can eradicate infestations and curb potential damage. Once termites are treated, the protection lasts for years.

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

  • Mud Tubes- Termites build mud tunnels approximately the size of straw for insulation and transportation. These commonly appear around the foundation or floors of houses.
  • Swarms of Insects- Termites travel in colonies. While preparing to settle in a place, they can be seen flying in swarms.
  • Discarded Wings- Termites twist off their wings after finding a place to land and colonize; this can lead to piles of discarded wings.
  • Soft Wood- Though they burrow themselves deep inside wood and aren't readily visible, termite damage causes wood to become soft or hollow.  

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