A small colony of ants can be a huge problem.

Ants are some of the most widely recognized and common insects to invade homes. While they're tiny insects, a colony of ants can be a huge pest. Odorous House Ants are a well-known household pest in Oklahoma. They are a uniform brown to black color and are discernible by the rotten odor they emit upon being threatened or squashed. They give off a sickly bleu cheese or coconut smell. Though Odorous House Ants aren't poisonous or dangerous to physical safety, their insatiable sweet tooth can turn them into an enormous nuisance. These ants are drawn to anything sweet and fashion their colonies around obtaining it. They like to build colonies inside walls, around heaters, or in crevices when they're indoors. These colonies can be made up of 100 to 100,000 ants.

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